This is Grandmas’ Phone, a collection of tips and tricks for our grandmas and everyone else we care about to make the most of iPhone and stay secure while using it.

Latest Tips

Add Birthdays to Your Contacts

Never forget a birthday again! Did you know your Contacts app can store a lot of information about the people you keep in touch with? You probably had your contacts copied from an old phone or an email account – but you can edit these contacts to add new information or remove old data, too. […]

Can’t Find Something? Try Spotlight Search

Spotlight search (“Search”) can be used anywhere in your phone – in notification center, on the home screen, and through Siri – to find anything you’re looking for. Think of Spotlight as the Google for you and your phone; Spotlight can search contacts, emails, messages, even photos and videos. If you need to change a […]

Track Medications

Apple’s Health app provides the ability to track medications and keep a record of your medication history. It allows you to easily manage and monitor your medications, set reminders for taking them, and keep track of important information related to your prescriptions. Here’s how you can use the medication tracking feature in the Health app: […]

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